5 Best Headset For Work Calls | 2021


You may have distractive background sound or audio feedback when you make work calls on smartphone and laptop, especially if you work in a noisy home environment – giving your customer, clients or employees a disadvantageous impression.

As a result, headsets are useful communication tools for companies, particularly call centers or homes with animals and children. A good headset minimizes distractions and integrates an uninterrupted talk microphone recording clean audio.

Factors To Consider Before Buying Headset For Work Calls

  • Comfort
  • Audio Quality
  • Noise Cancellation
  • Roaming Range

Comfort, audio quality, noise cancelation, and roaming range are essential considerations to consider. We have compiled an exhaustive list of the best office headsets for smooth calls, whether you’re looking for a system that has a long battery life or for one with a highly comfortable design.

1. Mpow 071 USB headset

The structure is simple but effective: the front end is fitted with a 3.5 mm jack to connect the phone and tablet and a USB connector. It uses even a compact one way microphone, which can efficiently capture your voice, and the 40mm plunger delivers balanced high-definition audio.

The memory of the foam padded ear covers and the flexible steel slider headband are much more comfortable in fit. It may depend on the particular shape of the head and ear, so if so, every two to two hours remove the headphones. Colorful, black, silver, white and blue are available for you.

2. Jabra Steel ( As Rugged and Strong as in picture)


This Jabra headset has a durable and simple design that takes 2,5 inches to your ear and has a hook. It is a good option for traders to use in a workplace surrounded by gravel, high winds or other raw material. The headset can withstand dust, grimness, water and shock with a five year warranty. Its buttons, even with gloves, are wide enough to use.

You could pair voice staff like Siri or Google Voice, so that you could answer the telephone, if your hands were taken care of, by “answer,” The platform also features a dual microphone noise cancelation and HD voice technology for clear sound, also in high spaces. Notice that it has a battery life of six hours.

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 3. HyperX Cloud Mix ( Best For Gaming)

Gaming headsets give a rather more engaging, rich sound than other office headsets—perfect for video or audio players. A great wired gaming headset option, the HyperX Cloud Mix includes Hi-Res audio, Wireless Listening Bluetooth mode (for up to 20 hours) and 40mm dual-cammer drivers for smooth, crisp sound. The headset has a built-in microphone and separable boom microphone for more gaming feature and is fully PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, VR devices and other 3.5mm platforms. In addition, its leatherette and memory foam make it a comfortable option, lightweight.

4. Logitech H800 Bluetooth Wireless

Those who make long calls all day will appreciate a headset that doesn’t clasp or squeeze their ears too close. With the adjustable padded headband and sculpted spray ears cups, this Logitech headset will remain on your head for comfortable fit. In addition to offering excellent comfort, it folds to make storage convenient. The headset provides a sound-filled stereo with laser-tuned speaker drivers, an integrated equalizer and a noise-cancellation micrometer.

Bear in mind that the battery life is 6 hours lower than many on the market headsets. The wireless range at 40 feet is decent, but not exceptional.

5. Plantronics Voyager

Plantronics Bluetooth Voyager Focus UC

The UC Bluetooth USB Headset works for several applications in the office, for calls and music. Plantronics’ Voyager Focus The soft memory spray ear coils feel comfortable to wear all day, while a microphone is used in most headsets. Microphones cancel environmental noise in loud environments and capture clear telephone calls effectively.

You can simultaneously connect your headset to the computer and your phone via Bluetooth and you can move around the office or home when making calls when connected with the wide roaming range of 150 feet. The control settings are also intuitive to use — on the earcups, the power button, music recorder configurations, volume settings and the call answer button are included. The voice alarm function tells you the caller ID, the connection status and the speaking time level to track your calls. The headset has a charge dock, and after each charge your telephone will speak good for 12 hours.

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