Korean company LG has been a global household name for a long time; since well before cellphones were even a thing. Its five branches produce everything from home entertainment and appliances, vehicle components to mobile telephones and accessories. LG certainly knows a little something about trends in consumer electronic equipment. Suppose you’ve ever been interested in their offerings. In that case, you are in luck because we’re having a look at the best LG Bluetooth headsets.

This concise purchasing guide discusses essential aspects of LG headphones, supplies several workable choices, and reviews the three top options. You will end here feeling confident about LG’s merchandise.

Things to Consider

  • Design: The best LG Bluetooth headsets come in an exceptional around-the-neck design.  Their contour serves two functions: alleviate problems associated with mono cans and permit the unit to headphones.
  • Mono Bluetooth headphones can be debatable.  Extended use is embarrassing because weight    kept on the inside folds of the ear.  And the units are small, so they’re easy to lose.
    • Mono headsets also cannot do double duty as headphones.  There is no way to return quickly             and forth between a call and other sounds.

              LG’s design solves both those difficulties.

  • Bluetooth Requirements.  Like all Bluetooth devices, these occasions have to be recharged.  How often depends upon your usage habits.  Extra accessories, like noise cancellation and listening at high volume, are proven to empty batteries. 


The HBS-750, or Tone Pro, is the best mixture of professional and entertainment capabilities.  It’s all you need for fun and life on-the-go.

 Wearing it feels light and seamless.  The band curves nicely and does not jostle.  It is hollow; therefore, the earbuds attach inside.  They remain in magnetically and maintain even with the most competitive vibration.  You do not have to worry about them falling out as you are riding your bike or if you hit a pothole while driving.

The black HBS-800 Tone Ultra Bluetooth

The black HBS-800 Tone Ultra Bluetooth headset is one of LG’s Electronics intended to deliver a high-quality listening experience using its Ambient Noise Cancellation (ANC) technology. 

The headset may provide around ten hours of battery life on less than 2 hours of charge time. The cans cancel background noises in your environment for an optimal acoustic adventure, whether you’re listening to music while in flight or talking on the phone in a noisy shopping mall. 

They comprise an around-the-neck sporting style and comfortable earbuds for enjoyable listening, even during extended sessions. This headset utilizes aptX sound compression to deliver reference CD-quality sound Bluetooth.  It also have an advanced multiple communication between different devices, Guess what, It also supports text to speech.

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LG HBS-910

Tone Infinium is the highest-end headset in LG’s Tone collection.

Controls are housed in the same place as the other products in this series.  But Infinium comes with a metallic housing rather than plastic, Harmon/Kardon sound, and dual noise-canceling microphones.

The Infinium sounds richer and crisper than plus or pro.  Harmon/Kardon premium sound that’s built-in gives them better balance and frequency response as well.  Calls are noticeably more apparent.


Its Bluetooth 4.1 pairs are faster than the prior Bluetooth 3.0.  It’s a small unnoticeable upgrade but will assist the product’s longevity as audio devices change.

LG’s Tone Infinium is a step above the others.

The HBS-730

The HBS-730, Tone Plus, adds attributes for more fabulous call and audio quality.

The unit is one of the lightest stereo Bluetooth headsets out there.  Its neckband is malleable, but kinks nor loses its shape.  This flexibility is very convenient if you are trying to work around clothes.

The earbuds are magnetized into the neckband when not in use.  We did notice, though, that the cables connecting the earbuds into the collar were a little long with this particular model.

Like Tone Guru, the Plus has increased controls making navigation intuitive and easy.  Play buttons are on the right of the neckband, and the charging port on the left side.  We have slightly less time from Plus but still a decent ten hours.

The deceased usage is anticipation considering Plus includes noise reduction, echo cancellation, and an adjustable equalizer.

Music equilibrium and clarity are exceptional.  Plus, it manages music better than calls.  Calls can seem slightly mechanical but are still practical nonetheless.  Background noise isn’t an issue.

They are what you need when audio is the priority.  It will satisfy anyone but the most discerning audiophile.

LG HBS-810 Tone Ultra 2

Retractable Earbuds One-Touch Volume and Music Control JBL Signature Sound Passive Noise Cancellation Bluetooth 4.1 w/ A2DP Profile support up to 13 Hours Music Playback Time Up to 17 Hours Talk time up to 23 Days of Standby Time Contains Two Sets of Ear Gels Micro-USB Charger w/ Integrated Cable.


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