Bluetooth Earbuds Vs Headphones


Bluetooth earbuds are one of the greatest innovative technologies that are been used by millions of people around the world, thanks to the gradual removal of audio jacks in phones.

Bluetooth earbuds are a combination of comfort and great audio experience. Having not to worry about annoying cables while listening to your favourite playlist and bulky look of headphones has been made possible due to the creative invention of Bluetooth earbuds.

There are various models of Bluetooth earbuds out there, interestingly, they all offer quality sound, steadiness, noise cancellation, and broadened battery life. Some are designed just for outdoor activities, others for comfort indoors and others for wearing when you run or do other types of exercise. Many are also designed to be used for all of these activities.

Whatever you are down for, this article contains important data on queries you might have about choosing the right available models of Bluetooth earbuds in the market today.

Earbuds Vs Headphones

You may be wondering what the distinction between Bluetooth earbuds and Bluetooth headphones are. Going back in time, many of us are used to enjoying our music on heavy, giant-size, ear-covering headphones and now this tiny looking earphones called “earbuds” are breaking grounds.

Pondering over getting a Bluetooth earbuds but still love the features your Bluetooth headphones offer you and thinking maybe you will have to sacrifice sound quality when switching to a smaller pair of earbuds. Let’s go further to know the difference between these two devices.


The most amazing feature about the headphones is that they obstruct all kinds of unwanted sounds so you can enjoy the music without being interrupted by background noise. The headphone is a type of earphone that links two speakers together with a band contains the wire connecting the speakers. The speakers are designed in such a way that they outer ear completely, and the band rests on your head.

The drawback of the headphone is that it is quite bulky; you cannot exercise comfortably while wearing headphones. Additionally, it sometimes seems a bit difficult to roam everywhere with big headphones on your head.


This great invention is phenomenal. Bluetooth Earbuds are entirely different from Bluetooth headphones. They are made in such a way that you can insert them in your ears. 

Their most amazing feature is their weight, they are lighter than headphones which make them the most portable earphones ever made, and sometimes they are almost invincible that others have to look closely to see them in your ears. You can carry them wherever and whenever you want.

Types of Bluetooth Earbuds

As stated earlier, whatever you need Bluetooth earbuds for; there are different types of Bluetooth earbuds. The different types are based on the usage, quality, and style available. All you have to do is to select the perfect fit for yourself.

Sport Bluetooth Earbuds

Playing sports and exercising like jogging, running, and so on makes you consume a lot of energy, produce a lot of sweat, and move hysterically. Now putting all of these into consideration, your search should be based on a waterproof, sweat-proof, and firm pair of Bluetooth earbuds.

Most Bluetooth earbuds used for sports have their controls easy to manipulate, so you don’t get distracted while doing your exercise or sporting activity.

Bluetooth Earbuds with Microphones

These particular kinds of Bluetooth earbuds do not only produce great sound quality but also comes with microphones. These Bluetooth earbuds are a big advantage when it comes to making a call in noisy environments. They are perfect for voice and video calls, conference calls, online interviews, interactive games, and so on.

Bluetooth Earbuds with Safe Audio Limit

Looking to buy this amazing invention for your kids but worried about the safety of the earbuds when it comes to loud music. Not to worry technological advancement has made it possible for you to set a safe audio limit on Bluetooth Earbuds. These earbuds are designed for children so that they can enjoy the music without damaging their hearing.

The Features of Bluetooth Earbuds

Basically, the main features of Bluetooth earbuds good sound quality and listening experience. There is more to that, here are some notable features should focus on while buying the Bluetooth earbuds:

Bluetooth Codecs

The type of Bluetooth codec determines the quality of sound that will be produced by the Bluetooth earbuds. Codecs compress the audio it receives from your phone and sends it to the speakers which then becomes the sound that you hear. Look for a Bluetooth earbuds with aptX, aptX HD and aptX LL. They are compactable with most devices.

Bluetooth Version

The version of the Bluetooth chip installed in the Bluetooth earbuds has a great effect on the quality of audio. Most of the quality Bluetooth earbud come with version 4.0 and above. They offer features like low energy consumption and blockage of interference from other Bluetooth-enabled devices. 

Mono vs. Stereo

Stereo Bluetooth earbuds give you the opportunity to adjust the volume of individual earbud using its separate audio channel. This increases the sound quality. Bluetooth earbuds with mono do not offer that kind of luxury, so you cannot adjust the volume of each earpiece separately.


Light materials are used in making Good Bluetooth earbud. You are stressing your ear wearing heavy Bluetooth earbuds. This leaves your ears with the heavyweight of your earphones. Pick a pair of Bluetooth earbuds are manufactured in a way that they are light to wear and easy to carry.


The small and cordless designs of Bluetooth earbud makes them super comfy to wear. There is a complete range of designs available—from one with neckband to the true wireless ones. Select a pair that would provide you with the most comfort.


Regardless of whether you are setting off to the gym, meeting with somebody, heading off to the recreation center or bistro, playing computer games or making voice or video calls, Bluetooth earbud are extremely popular these days. With their comfy and light structure, they are convenient and amusing to utilize, and absolutely superior to conventional earphone.


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