Jabra Direct | What is Jabra Direct ?


Jabra Direct is an intelligent, safe and free headset and speech telephone call management.

What is Jabra Direct For ?

Keep up to date with your headsetJabra Direct will always have the new firmware on your headset, ensuring you have the latest functionality, fixing bugs and quick access to compatibility updates. Staying current was never simpler with the user-friendly Direct Dashboard.
Customized your headset – work in your office, house, coffee or day-to-day?? Everyone has multiple ways to function, and this is why Jabra Direct enables you to change your audio, side tone and music settings. You can also adapt your circle.
Jabra Direct enables softphone remote call control from your headset. Controls from your headset.

What’s new in Jabra Direct

Version 4.0.6820:

  • New feature: Jabra PanaCast preview feature
  • Performance and stability improvements

Compatibility Of Jabra Direct

For updating your Jabra Evolve 75, Jabra Direct can be appropriate. Unfortunately, this new Mac Mini, running Catalina OS 10.15.3, or an older MacBook that runs Yosemite OS does not work. It also demands that my audio settings are changed so that FaceTime calls are cut out. There is no “uninstall” option to add injury insult. To delete all bits and pieces of this program, I had to work around Apps and Library files. In short, the program is not malicious, but it can be so precarious.

Still not accessible Jabra Tech Support. Serval bugs have recognized and recorded for a very long time – and are not yet solved! E.g. batty management issues, sometimes restarting the base station (also during calls), crashing during volume setting, the system reprocessing often functions inappropriately after disconnection and reconnection, etc…. Help does not respond or waste time on issues such as restoring the whole device, clean installing or discussing who to send the problem mail. Even after six months, BigSur is not helping

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