Types Of Bluetooth Headphones


The aim of modern civilization is to increase the convenience of people in all areas of life. This also includes making the listening of the sound information more comfortable and accessible. This brought about the invention of special devices, which are called the Bluetooth earphones.

Bluetooth earphones are a special acoustic device incorporated with a Bluetooth chip used for the purpose of listening to audio information. It is placed in close proximity to the auditory organs (ears), they are placed on or in the ear. 

The Bluetooth chip inside that contains the Bluetooth radio, and software that eases connectivity between devices so you can be to talk on the phone or tune in to music without wires.

This phenomenal gadget give you the freedom you need when  you’re keeping fit with runs around the park, workouts in the garden, seeing a movie in the living room or just playing a really captivating game. A pair of Bluetooth earphones will upgrade your experience.

In this article, we will provide information on the different types of Bluetooth earphones, how they work and how to get them connected with your devices, be it a mobile phone, TV, Xbox, Play station and so on. 

Types of Bluetooth headphones

Each pair of Bluetooth headphones is slightly different from the next. Some sit snugly in your ear, while others sit on top or over them. Which type is better is subjective, so you’ll have to decide for yourself which suits you the best.

Here are some more details about the three main types:

  • In-ear Bluetooth Earphones (Earbuds): Just as the name implies, In-ear Bluetooth earphones sit inside your ear. They are inserted directly into the ear (ear canal) of the listener that some are almost invincible. They are placed in such a way that they provide a better sound transmission and a high degree of noise blockage.
sample of in-ear bluetooth device

In-ear Bluetooth earphones come in two different designs; the entirely wireless Bluetooth earbuds and neckband Bluetooth earbuds. The latter have a wire that attaches the two earbuds to each other and designed in such a way that it sites comfortably on the neck with a wire straight to the ears. 

The former is completely free of any form of wires; they are placed directly in the ear and connect directly to your device. This type are usually almost invincible.  A perfect example of the in-ear Bluetooth earphone is Apple’s AirPods.

  • On-ear Bluetooth Earphones: This type of Bluetooth earphones sit on top of your ear, rather than covering your entire ear. Several brands offer on-ear Bluetooth earphones.
over ear
on-ear bluetooth
  • Over-ear Bluetooth Earphones (Headphones):  Over-ear Bluetooth earphones go around your ears and close them off from the outside world. Over-ear Bluetooth earphones are usually placed over the head on the ear, covering the ears completely. They are larger than the other types of earphones. Since they cover the ear completely, they help transmit sound better and obtain better sound insulation. An Over-ear Bluetooth earphone includes Beats by Dre.

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